Well-known brands, unique products and vast market. Magnetic Screen will provide you an excellent business opportunities and significant profit potential.

The rapid development of real estate market make the high-quality protective screens is becomes to one of the most popular production for real estate and building materials market. Magnetic Screen high-quality insect screens will be able to satisfy the market demand.

Compares with other screen, our products uses better quality raw materials. In return, the consumer will good quality product which is value for money.

We offer many model of screen and new products likes transparent screens, pet screen, solar screen, ultraviolet screen etc. The wide product range will be able to meet the needs of different groups of consumers. Pay a one time franchise fee to resell all our quality products.

Magnetic Screen will appoint regional distributors and agent in major cities.

The agents will be able to purchase raw material from distributors directly. License to manufacture, sales of product.

The regional distributors have the right to enroll franchisee and collect franchise fee.

Franchisee will have the license to sell Magnetic screen products, use of Magnetic Screen brand and training provided by Magnetic Screen qualified trainer. However franchisee does not have the license to manufacture products.

The management concept of Magnetic Screen is to seek win-win partnership with franchisees and bring best value products to consumer.

The person should be honest, reliable and reputable.

Have in depth understanding of the product and market.

Strong management and organizational skills.

Willing to accept Magnetic Screen business model and has the same management idea with Magnetic Screen.

Able to uphold the reputation of Magnetic Screen production and protects the intellectual property right of Magnetic Screen.

Have a good team spirit and complete end to end operation ability.

The franchisees need to understand Magnetic Screen products and complete detail market survey.

Submit a written application with complete personal particulars and experience.

Face to face meeting to understand the conditions and rights of a franchisee.

To sign an agreement and pay 30% of the deposit.

Participate in the technical training after full payment has been made.