“As of 20 June 2015, there were 53,823 cases of dengue with 158 deaths reported in Malaysia for 2015. This is 34% higher compared with the same reporting period of 2014.

– Report from Department of Health, Malaysia.

Dengue fever is a deadly condition with fatality rate as high as 26% for people with low blood pressure. Kids and elderly are at risk. Bleeding can start to occur from nose, gums and other parts of body due to low platelets, followed by organ failure. There is currently no vaccine for dengue fever*.

*Source: CGH

Why use mosquito screen

- Mosquito repellent, particularly those with concentration outside of DEET 7-20% is harmful for kids and pregnant ladies

- Prevention is better than cure. Stop pests from entering your house in the first place by making it impossible for them to fly in

- Added advantage of preventing kids from falling off, burglars from coming in

- 24 hours 7 days a week of non-stop protection

What our mosquito screens are

Hollow man

Our mosquito screens are the closest you can get to being invisible. Relish in the beauty of your unblocked sceneries while breathing in cool fresh air without worrying about mosquitoes or other insects

Guardian Angel

-Resistance against deadly mosquitoes, dirt , dust and any other harmful materials keeps your family members safe and healthy (and happy)


-customizable to fit the shape, size and color of your room, at the same time, contribute to its aesthetic magnificence


  • Durable for an average of 10 years
  • With a range of colors, it enables you to match the mosquito screen door or window with your house décor.
  • Easy installation, without hampering the structure of windows and doors through drilling holes.
  • Owing to its spruce, compact design, the screen does not make doors and windows look thick and heavy.
  • The grey and black fiberglass mesh has commendable dirt durability and makes for easy washing with standard detergent and tap water.

How it works

1.Tell us the size and shape of your window or any opening in your home. Alternatively we will come down for measurements.

2.We customize an insect screen tailored to your window contour and based on your interior design

3.With the built-in magnet strips , you can attach and remove the insect screen anytime you want!